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At HealthHaven we want to make people healthier and the best way to get motivated and fit is with your own personal coach.

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    At HealthHaven we are dedicated to finding the best way to help personal trainers and fitness experts find new customers and retain their current clients.

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    Our mobile app will help improve communication, save time and provide more motivation to your customers to get fit. Forget the old online personal trainer directories, the majority of all new leads will be generated on mobile.

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    Leave behind the status quo and take your fitness business or club online. By adding online personal training to your services, you'll be tapping into new and rapidly-growing revenue streams and redefining the way you train with flexible options for online, in-person and hybrid training.

    Custom Metrics And Goals

    We make it easy to track exercise history and metrics, so both you and your clients can log results and visualize progress towards specific goals over time.

    Track exercise history and metrics, so both you and your clients can easily log results and make progress towards specific goals over time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    How do I find a Personal Trainer?

    When it comes to choosing a personal trainer near you, always make sure they are aware of your specific fitness goals. Your personal trainer should be able to craft an exercise programme tailored to your needs and objectives, so it's important to discuss what you want to achieve early on. If you aren't sure what this is don't worry, your fitness expert will be able to help you set realistic goals in an initial consultation.

    How much does a Personal Trainer cost?

    On average, a personal trainer in the UK will charge £30-£60 per session. Although, this is variable depending on different factors, such as your location and the experience of the trainer.

    Does online Personal Training work?

    If you’re new to the world of online workouts, you might be wondering whether online personal training is as effective as in-person training. The answer is yes! Online personal training is exactly like being trained in the gym, the only difference is that you have complete flexibility over where you workout. You’ll still get all the benefits of in-person training - access to expert advice, personalised workout plans, and on-going support - all that’s missing is the travel time. But don’t just take our word for it - browse hundreds of professionals on HealthHaven and check out their reviews to see what other customers have to say about switching to online personal training.

    Are there any extra fees?

    Nope, what you see is what you get.

    Is it worth hiring a Personal Trainer?

    There are several key reasons to include a personal trainer in your workouts, the top contenders being: speed of fitness transformation, quality of results, and safety. If you’re working closely with a qualified fitness instructor you’re going to reap the rewards of your efforts and improve your fitness every day, learning beneficial industry expertise on specific forms of exercise, and all doing so with less risk of injury.

    Can I get a Personal Trainer online?

    Absolutely! You can find an online personal trainer in minutes with HealthHaven. If you’re wondering how to choose the right online personal trainer without meeting them face-to-face, HealthHaven lets you browse hundreds of online personal trainers to find the perfect fit. It’s easy to find everything you need in one place to make a decision - just head over to their HealthHaven profile where you can read reviews, check out their qualifications, and request more information. Finding the right personal trainer online couldn’t be easier with Bark - you’ll be cancelling your gym membership in no time!

    What does an online Personal Trainer do?

    An online personal trainer is the same as a face-to-face personal trainer, the only difference being that your workout is delivered to you electronically instead of on the gym floor. Your online personal trainer will tailor your workouts to your fitness level and goals, creating a training programme designed to help you reach your potential. You’ll have regular (virtual) check-ins with your online personal trainer to keep you on track. Whether you’re looking to build muscle fast or you’re an exercise newbie, finding the perfect personal trainer online couldn’t be easier with Bark.

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