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The only all-in-one platform that democratises access to premium digital personal training, combined with a dedicated team of real people working day and night to ensure your better health.

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With multiple pricing plans available, we leave the choice up to you as to how much you want to pay for Premium. We shortlist the trainers who match your budget, and will always keep it this way.

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Take your pick. Get full visibility into your future trainer's experience, niche, services, testimonials, location (the list goes on).


Be part of the latest fast-growing global fitness community, where a diverse group of fitness experts, newcomers, gym-goers and athletes alike come together to share, motivate and improve.

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Fully refundable secured bookings, without the overwhelming paperwork. Integrated session feedback and reviews in-app give you a streamlined outlet to let us know of any issues or concerns you have, and for us to help out where needed.

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You're just a few clicks and keystrokes away from FOMO annihilation

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Welcome to the Health Haven app - the only one-stop-shop to cover your upcoming journey on all fronts.

Vetted Trainers

All trainers are vetted based on the qualifications they provide and are assessed for credibility and expertise during our selective onboarding process.


Connect with the trainer or client that best fits your goals and training needs. Send them a message, see ratings and reviews, checkout their availability and find out more about what they do best.


Once you have connected with your expert, organise your next appointment, 1-2-1 or massage with just a few taps.

Fitness Feed

tay up to date with the latest health, workout and nutrition tips direct from our community in the Fitness Feed. Like, comment and share - without the ads.


Search to your heart's content based on price, location, rating and more. Search for themes like weight loss, high intensity training, body transformation, rehabilitation, functional training, cross training, sports, yoga and more.

Workout and Nutrition Planning

Enough paper plans and WhatsApp groups - get your workout and meal plans custom made and delivered directly to you through the app. Tick of your progress and check-in with your trainer to stay accountable.

The Health Haven app is easy to navigate and use. I was quickly connected with a local PT who helped me achieve my goals. All comms and payments were made easy through HH

Ash Karandawala Health Haven user - Finance professional

I am a NHS worker and I am self isolating. I had a really hard time to spend my days. My activities came down to almost zero and my diet started to get messier...I have never seen anyone so dedicated with their work and it seems he knew what he was doing. I am going to follow his plan and stick to it. I have full trust in the advice I've been given as they are the most professional in this area. I recommend this service to everyone trying to live a healthy life. Not to be thought twice. Just get on with it. Get the app.

Ashish Thapa Health Haven user - NHS worker

As someone looking for 1 on 1 training this app really helped me out! Interface was really intuitive and streamlined. Training itself was quality too, can’t wait to explore more of this app.

Marcus Yeow Health Haven user - Muay Thai fighter, gym-goer

How does it work?

Let us know your health goals

Answer a few short questions to let us know what your immediate and long-term fitness goals are, as well as your training history so we can best tailor our pursuit for your trainer. Then, subscribe to Health Haven Premium by selecting the payment option that suits you.

Take your pick

Select from a carefully handpicked shortlist of trainers we present to you based on the information you provided. Don't like any of the options we've presented? No problem, we'll iterate until you find the one. It's not always love at first sight.

Start planning

Jump on a call to get to know your coach and create a training schedule. Throughout your journey, you will continue to fine-tune your training and diet to be as effective and time-efficient as possible.

Streamline your day-to-day

Use our mobile app to access your exercises and plans, book in for your 1-2-1s and manage your relationship with your trainer whilst carrying on with the things you currently enjoy doing. Updates from your trainer will help you stay on course.

Monitor Progress

Together with your trainer, you can monitor your progress, reward accomplishments, and fine-tune your routine using detailed insights.

With you every step of the way

A member of our team will always be just an email away and we will always make sure someone is available to jump on a call if necessary to help you along the way. Our in-house team aren't just VAs and technical support - we have multiple nutritionists and health fanatics onboard who can help guide you in the right direction.

The best personal trainers and fitness experts from around the world

From top-rated gym owners in London to high performance training experts in Texas - the options are endless

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Fully refundable secured bookings, without the overwhelming paperwork.

Integrated session feedback and reviews in-app give you a streamlined outlet to let us know of any issues or concerns you have, and for us to help out where needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Didn't find the answers you were looking for ? or If you're just not satisfied, Send us a message of your query and we'll have all your doubts cleared.

How does coaching work on Health Haven?

Your Health Haven coach is a real person who's on-call to support you. They'll message you often, build a new training plan for you each week, and respond in real-time as you need changes or have questions. Once you join Health Haven, you'll schedule a Strategy call so that you can get to know your coach and discuss your preferences and goals. Once your workouts begin, you’ll hear from your coach often in the Health Haven app. You’ll be able to book in your 1-2-1 sessions at times that suit you, track your progress through the app as you complete your workouts and meet your daily nutritional targets, and reach out to your coach and the Health Haven team at any time with questions.

Can I change my coach?

We are here to help you to change your coach at any time. Our team is dedicated to your success, and we'll make sure we find your perfect match. We can connect you with one of our Coach Advisors to help you select a new coach

What kind of time commitment do I have to make?

Health Haven is designed to fit into your schedule — not the other way around. Your coach will design and schedule your workouts based on what's realistic for you and can make changes during the week to accommodate your busy life.

Are there any extra fees?

Nope, what you see is what you get.

What if I don't have gym membership?

No problem! Your coach will create your custom workout plan with your unique situation in mind. Your workouts will be designed around your location and the equipment you have available - whether you are at home with no equipment, working out in a fully-stocked gym, or modifying your routine on vacation! Your coach can include outdoor runs and group fitness classes as well. Their goal is to create a convenient and realistic training plan that you can stick to.

What's the cancellation policy?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your experience. You can try Health Haven risk-free for the first month, and we'll give you a full refund if you decide to cancel. After the first month, you can cancel at any time, and we won't charge you again. 

What if I have an injury or special needs?

If your medical professional has cleared you for exercise, then working with a personal coach can be highly beneficial for preventing or managing many common chronic conditions and injuries. Your Health Haven coach will design safe, effective workouts that meet your specific needs.