Trainer Interviews and Sit-Downs

The ultimate repository packed to the brim full of bite-sized, uninterrupted clips of some of our most senior and experienced trainers sitting down with the Health Haven team.

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Sam Hudson

Lewis Paris

Joe Padilla

Amram Herrera

Amram is a well-established PT based out of London, UK. His competitive history of running has led him to offer a wide-ranging array of services to his clients spanning everything from conventional weight loss/muscle gain oriented goals to sports-specific rehab and even symptom improvement for chronic illnesses. 

Chris Willard

We sat down with Chris Willard, a personal trainer & mobility coach, rare autoimmune disease sufferer and best-selling author of Movement as Medicine. We talk about our respective diagnostic processes and journeys, tangible take-home exercises for those who are mobility impaired and coping mechanisms. Find Chris on Instagram @theadvocatevoice, and on the Health Haven app.

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Domagoj Draganic

Dom is Health Haven’s only Registered Dietician and owner of Pentagram of Health in Croatia. He is an incredibly multifaceted and capable fitness professional, being able to legally act on blood-work results to drastically improve the quality of life for those with debilitating autoimmune conditions. He is also a strength and conditioning coach and assists his clients with mobility and performance improvement.

Kathleen Rocca and Maria Harris

Kathleen Rocca is an occupational therapist and Maria Harris is a PT and inpatient coordinator at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital in Pennsylvania, PA. They both focus on patients with GBS, Miller Fischer, CIDP and MMN.

Kate Costello

Kate Costello is a functional nutritionist and founder of Wildcrafted Wellness. She and her team help patients with rare immune-mediated autoimmune conditions such as GBS, CIDP and MMN, and has spoken on behalf of the GBSCIDP Foundation at their biannual symposium.