List of best personal trainers in Middlesbrough to help you stay fit and healthy

This article will provide you with a list of the best personal trainers in the Middlesbrough area. These trainers differ in style, price, methodology, and approach, so you’re sure to find one who matches your fitness philosophy.

1. Chris Lynas

Chris has trained over 400 people in the past four years and has helped them achieve the incredible transformations they desire. He has coached every type of person that you could imagine. Having studied every single diet and every training system, Chris knows exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Chris also offers online one-to-one training with tailor-made training and nutrition plans to fit your lifestyle and 24/7 support via the in-app messenger. He covers personal training services in Middlesbrough and nearby areas.

Prices: Available upon request


2. Shane Campbell

Shane is both a personal trainer and an MMA fighter as well as a sports science graduate. He can use his knowledge and passion to assist you to reach your objectives. His aim is to motivate others by sharing his personal experiences and knowledge so they can grow.

Shane Campbell’s personal training services include fat reduction/weight loss, muscle building, toning up, muscle building, strength and conditioning, boxing and kickboxing, MMA, and self-defense.

Prices: Available upon request


3. Roksana Piech

Whether you want to lose body fat, get your endorphins soaring from full-body dynamic exercises, or become the strongest you possible through weight training, Roksana is here to assist! She is fully dedicated and motivated to assist as many people as possible to reach their fitness and physique goals.

Her one-to-one personal training services include fat reduction/weight loss, muscle building, toning up
and full body transformations.

Prices: Available upon request


4. Amy Pounder

Amy believes getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment. Any individual may decide to live an exciting, empowering lifestyle while getting in shape.

Amy’s fitness program should offer pleasures as well as outcomes, so even when she has to endure a bit of discomfort, the advantages of fitness are worth it. Her fitness program has been developed by working with a variety of individuals, and she always likes to adapt it to new clients.

She currently runs an all women’s bootcamp, offering over 35 classes a week to fit around ladies’ busy lifestyles.

Prices: £100 for 8 weeks of training


5. Ann-Marie

Ann-Marie is more than just a Personal Trainer. She also functions as a Sports and Exercise Nutritionist. She cares about the whole person, not just the physical aspect of their health.

In order to assist you in reaching your goals, she uses training, nutrition, and mindset in combination. Her personal training services include nutrition, behavior change, sustainable fat loss, enjoyable exercise,
and mindset management

Prices: Available upon request


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