Finding a personal trainer in your area can be difficult. Luckily, Coventry has a variety of fitness professionals to help you get back into shape. From the country’s top trainers to those with niche expertise, no matter what your fitness level or current fitness goals, you should be able to find a personal trainer in Coventry that’s right for you. Check out our top 5 list of local personal trainers in Coventry, who will get you moving again and on track with your fitness goals once again!

1. Nathan Gillespie

At the age of six, Nathan was enthralled by the capacity of football and martial arts to help him achieve his fitness goals.

He has extensive knowledge of sports and fitness, and a strong enthusiasm for self-development. His unquenchable passion and enthusiasm for helping you reach your goals are what make him the ideal fitness coach. 

Nathan has a level 3 qualification in fitness training, a level 4 qualification in strength and conditioning coaching, and a degree in strength and conditioning. As an Altis Performance & Nutrition Coach, he offers performance coaching services and nutritional guidance.


2. Dean Clarke

Dean can help you reach higher fitness levels, slim down, and feel better by offering mobile-based fitness sessions. He comes to you, wherever you are, to provide fitness sessions.

You may have trouble attending the gym or feel that you simply don’t have time, in which case his service is the ideal choice for you. He may provide guidance, motivation, and instruction in your home, local park, office, or gym, wherever you feel most comfortable. His fitness solutions are tailored to your needs and fitness objectives.


3. Max Ahmed

When it comes to fitness, Max has been working with clients for four years. He has been playing basketball as a child and also has a great passion for exercise. 

He can assist you with reaching and maintaining your goals by pushing you to your physical limitations and providing you with the motivation and encouragement you need to get there. Max will analyze your progress in addition to your training and lifestyle to determine where improvements are needed.

Max’s personal training services include nutritional guidance, circuit training, cycling, and boxing.


4. Tim Baker

Whether your objective is to lose weight, create tone and definition, or strengthen and create a new body, Tim is here to assist you every step of the way. He will help you both in and out of the gym, coaching and encouraging you to achieve your maximum potential. 

His range of packages provides for a variety of fitness levels, encouraging people to achieve their goals. Working your training and nutrition together is critical for success, and maintaining it is most important. He would like to help you achieve your maximum potential.

Tim’s core areas of specialization are nutritional guidance, sports training, cycling, posture correction, weight management, and boxing.


5. Charlie Mumford

Charlie is a mobile Personal Trainer in Coventry. She helps people lose weight, get fit, and feel great! If you want to lose weight, improve your health, or just feel better, she is your girl!

She is also accessible at your home, workplace, or local park, to provide personalized training. Charlie may also serve Nuneaton, Rugby, Leamington Spa, and Solihull.

Her services include body toning, cardiovascular coaching, circuit training, core training, fitness coaching, and weight loss.


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