The fitness industry is constantly evolving, and this year is no exception. We’re seeing an increasing number of people who are concerned with their health and looking for ways to improve it. With so many fitness apps available, it’s easier than ever to find something that works for you if you know what you’re looking for it. 

To stay current with the latest trends and avoid being left behind, we’ve put together a list of five personal trainers in Luton that you should be holding an eye on in 2022.

1. Rafal Mordasiewicz

Rafal is a qualified personal trainer with Level 3, nutritional advice, kettlebell training, first aid, and other qualifications. He has trained and competed in bodybuilding for ten years and has seen the advantages of being fit and healthy and wants to help other individuals achieve those goals.

His specialized areas are bespoke planning, body certainty, a reduction in body fat percentage, functional expertise, muscular development and tone, dietary guidance, tenacious spirit, and weight loss.

All of his clients receive complete wrap-around care from him, including exercise plans, nutritional recommendations, and supplement recommendations. He is readily available to them around the clock to respond to any inquiries or help keep them on course. 


2. Gloria Gyan

Gloria recently earned her trainer certification after completing her three-year degree in sports coaching and exercise science, which she has been passionate about for 16 years. She thinks that in addition to getting the consequences they want, her customers should also have fun and enjoy working with her.

Gloria is a firm believer in ensuring that her clients leave her sessions and keep reaching their goals. Her specialized area of expertise is body confidence, helping you build muscle, lose fat and develop athletic conditioning. In addition to this, she can help you achieve your fitness goals by providing nutritional guidance, sport-specific training, and weight loss.


3. Michael Cox

Michael is a level 3 personal trainer, MNU student nutritionist, and has over 10 years of fitness experience, and 7 years in the Military.

Over the years, he has been a trainer to thousands of individuals. His specialties are weight loss exercise and muscle-building techniques. 

With this wide range of knowledge, Michael can bring the best to everyone he teaches. He is currently training to become an evidence and research-based nutrition practitioner, a role that for him just adds even more value to the people he trains.


4. Ewelina Jankowska

Ewelina is a certified trainer with several credentials, including a certification as a female fat-loss specialist, a sports nutritionist, a postpartum coach, and a circuit-training instructor. Her clients are predominantly women. She can identify women’s unique needs and hormones that impact their fitness endeavors.

Ewelina has been there and understands how hormones and issues like irritable bowel syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), hormone imbalances, postpartum issues, and weight problems can influence a woman’s fitness program.

She is thrilled to assist women in turning into the most confident versions of themselves. To make women happy and healthier, she wants them to live more healthily and look and feel fantastic from the inside out.


5. Lewis Head

Lewis loves the nuance of training and the techniques for increasing performance that he learned in sports. He became a personal fitness coach after working in a professional environment for three years. He believes that the most satisfying part of his coaching is the capacity to assist folks with the knowledge and direction they lack. 

The fact that he can guide folks away from the finish line and educate them on the primary components of training and nutrition is what impresses him the most.

He is happy to assist individuals in stating their goals and establishing a clear path for achievement. Lewis focuses on the basics and benefits of proper nutrition and health. He will provide you with all the tools you need to grow and develop as a consequence.


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