The city of London is home to some of the UK’s most highly qualified and sought-after personal trainers. Some have helped celebrities in preparation for blockbuster movies, as well as members of the Royal family, while others have gained celebrity status because they’ve been able to help their clients achieve incredible transformations. 

This list looks at the 5 best personal trainers in London and how they got their clients there with life-changing results through methods.

Mark Ireland

Mark’s pro rugby experience has influenced his training methods at his Moorgate-based private studio “Outrivals”. He employs athletic approaches to help you move well, free of pain. Mark uses a range of strength and conditioning techniques like mobility drills, plyometrics and a variety of equipment to push you to give your best in every session.

Progress is made quickly! Making mobility a priority means that each workout will be properly challenging for the intensity it deserves–and so recovery is always swift as well.

Sarah Lindsay

Sarah, an Olympic speed skater turned personal trainer, is the co-founder of Roar Fitness. She specializes in total body transformations and has worked with celebrity clients at her studio gyms located in Liverpool Street and Kensington High Street. 

Having trained celebrities such as Professor Green, Pixie Lott and Ellie Goulding  – she specializes in fat loss programs by using resistance training combined with a focus on nutrition, to get outstanding results that are affordable for anyone who needs it too! Her transformation packages start at £2.2k for 8 weeks.

Aimee Victoria Long

Aimee owns The Body Beautiful Method, which is a training style that combines the body weight strength of Pilates and barre with conditioning to develop strong, mobile bodies. 

She trains one-to-one clients virtually through Zoom or Virtual Training Classes while also running her own TV Fitness show. Her focus is on the development of strength and elegance in all aspects of life.

Dalton Wong

Private sessions with Dalton can be arranged at studio, or on Zoom. His workouts are different from that of traditional exercise methods because they work muscles in a whole new way thanks to the miniband and glider combination workout technique. 

He also has trained celebrity clients before. Don’t let his minimal equipment fool you! You will know when you have had a hard session with him as he pushes your muscles completely differently than any other type of training does.

Louisa Drake

Louisa Drake, the owner of Fitzrovia studio, uses her unique Louisa Drake Method to train her clients. Her method borrows various disciplines including Yoga, Pilates, Barre Conditioning Cardio and Resistance Bands. 

However unlike other instructors who conduct quick assessments that overlook lifestyle factors like stress or sleep that can often have a significant effect on results, Louisa takes the time to get a detailed assessment of these aspects which means they are not overlooked with an ineffective plan resulting in outstanding results.

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