The city of London is home to some of the UK’s most highly qualified and sought-after personal trainers. Some have helped celebrities in preparation for blockbuster movies, as well as members of the Royal family, while others have gained celebrity status because they’ve been able to help their clients achieve incredible transformations. 

This list looks at the best personal trainers in London and how they got their clients there with life-changing results through methods.

Leah Jung

When was the last time you met a Nutritionist who doubles down as a qualified Hypnotist too?!

Well, Leah boasts both of these impressive qualifications, making her the one and only Health Haven trainer (and beyond?) who does such. If you’re wandering how hypnotherapy helps, you only have to look at a few of the endless peer-reviewed studies out there showing how much of good health and wellbeing is driven by a healthy mental state.

By working on your mindset and ensuring your motivations, priorities and mental state are all in order – Leah is able to set you on your way for long term health and fitness success, as she’s done successfully many times over.

Alex Pattison

Alex takes pride in a strictly non-judgemental approach to all clients, regardless of their prior experience or weaknesses. His comprehensive top to toe training agenda covers everything from breathing to the meticulous details of movement – all carefully designed in a way to help you become a more stronger, capable human in the long term.

Alex’s remote training endeavours have inspired many others from within the UK and beyond to take action and embrace their inner self-confidence and value, and face their daemons that may have been holding them back from realising their full potential.

Train with Alex and thank us later as your embrace your newfound sense of fulfilment and enjoyment as you feel, operate and live better on the day to day.

Lewis Paris

Lewis represents the heart of true, unrelenting grit that keeps the fitness scene relevant within the hub of the UK – London. Originally operating directly out of Soho, Lewis has earned respect from an enormously wide community of the many athletes and clients he’s worked with for his no-nonsense attitude, high success rate and sheer show of class with his own dedication towards the game.

With Lewis, there’s no turning back. You’re in it for the long run, as his programs and protocols pick apart your wants and needs from every possible angle – then patch them up for you to live a more fulfilling life.

Whether its Red Bull, Betfred, ITV or Superdry – Lewis has worked with the greatest of the greats.

Sonia Lopez

Sonia is an incredibly versatile, resourceful and experienced personal trainer, masseuse, spinning instructor, nutritionist (the list really does go on).

Operating out of London, Sonia has trained everyone from newcomers to the world of fitness through to leading Hollywood actors and more – helping each and every person over her over 12,000(!) hours of training experience crush their goals and revolutionise how they feel, bringing out the athletic edge in all.

Jay Conroy

Fancy in-person training? Jay boasts a large custom studio built from from a double garage in the heart of Oxshott, kitted to the brim with all the apparel, machines and good stuff needed to help you push yourself to all new limits.

To name a handful of the equipment you’ll get your hands on – think peloton machines, bikes, and treadmills. Jump into a new world of training with Jay and follow the path of countless others who have flourished with their vast array of goals – everything from weight loss, muscle building, toning up and rehab to athlete-specific movements.

Oh, and to clear the air – yes, that’s him on the left. Jay is certainly a multifaceted trainer. When was the last time you had the chance to train with a Men’s Health feature?

Glenn Coburn

Glenn is certainly the man for the job when it comes to ending your search for a motivational, awe-inspiring trainer to get you on your feet. As both a PT and cage fighter, Glenn takes the discipline and principles of hard-work taken from his fight game to the traditional fitness space and has encouraged countless others to get fighting fit faster than ever.

Glenn goes above and beyond to offer you value for money with his 12-week training schedule handcrafted to put you through your paces, with or without a gym membership, and have you shredded, lean and mean.

Rob Gardner - NRG

Providing online Personal Training and Injury Rehab, which is considered one of London’s premium PT services, NRG is an industry leader in online personal training and injury rehab. With clients based all over the world, NRG can help achieve your health, fitness and longevity related goals no matter where you are.



Mark Ireland

Mark’s pro rugby experience has influenced his training methods at his Moorgate-based private studio “Outrivals”. He employs athletic approaches to help you move well, free of pain. Mark uses a range of strength and conditioning techniques like mobility drills, plyometrics and a variety of equipment to push you to give your best in every session.

Progress is made quickly! Making mobility a priority means that each workout will be properly challenging for the intensity it deserves–and so recovery is always swift as well.

Sarah Lindsay

Sarah, an Olympic speed skater turned personal trainer, is the co-founder of Roar Fitness. She specializes in total body transformations and has worked with celebrity clients at her studio gyms located in Liverpool Street and Kensington High Street. 

Having trained celebrities such as Professor Green, Pixie Lott and Ellie Goulding  – she specializes in fat loss programs by using resistance training combined with a focus on nutrition, to get outstanding results that are affordable for anyone who needs it too! Her transformation packages start at £2.2k for 8 weeks.

Aimee Victoria Long

Aimee owns The Body Beautiful Method, which is a training style that combines the body weight strength of Pilates and barre with conditioning to develop strong, mobile bodies. 

She trains one-to-one clients virtually through Zoom or Virtual Training Classes while also running her own TV Fitness show. Her focus is on the development of strength and elegance in all aspects of life.

Dalton Wong

Private sessions with Dalton can be arranged at studio, or on Zoom. His workouts are different from that of traditional exercise methods because they work muscles in a whole new way thanks to the miniband and glider combination workout technique. 

He also has trained celebrity clients before. Don’t let his minimal equipment fool you! You will know when you have had a hard session with him as he pushes your muscles completely differently than any other type of training does.

Louisa Drake

Louisa Drake, the owner of Fitzrovia studio, uses her unique Louisa Drake Method to train her clients. Her method borrows various disciplines including Yoga, Pilates, Barre Conditioning Cardio and Resistance Bands. 

However unlike other instructors who conduct quick assessments that overlook lifestyle factors like stress or sleep that can often have a significant effect on results, Louisa takes the time to get a detailed assessment of these aspects which means they are not overlooked with an ineffective plan resulting in outstanding results.

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