Here, we list the best personal trainers in Manchester. These coaches vary in style, approach, and methodology, so you can find one that matches your fitness mindset best.

Cain Leathem

Cain Leathem founded and runs GB Fitness, which offers exercise and diet counselling to residents of Manchester. He is a leading physical fitness and nutritional advisor who works with professional and amateur athletes as well as corporate clients. 

Through his programs, he works to improve client health, vitality, physical appearance, and mental performance. 

He is capable of handling a broad range of clientele with a Master of Science in Exercise and Nutrition Science degree and years of practical experience.

Craig Budgen

If you want to work with the finest Manchester has to offer to achieve your fitness and health goals, you should talk to Craig Budgen. 

He has trained some of the most prestigious clients in the world, including Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes, and fashion models. 

You may achieve weight loss, muscle growth, optimal health, or athletic prowess through his training methods, which are non-intimidating. If you cannot go to his private gym, you may work with him online to develop a training program.

Claudia Fiddler

A Dubai fitness specialist, Claudia Fiddler, has been working as a personal trainer in London since 2017. She has been fitting in perfectly since her arrival. 

Clients admire her vibe and verve. Those who employ her notice her passion for helping people improve their lives. Her commitment to her job is combined with her desire to assist her patients. 

In addition to altering her patients’ bodies, Claudia seeks to alter the mental aspects that hinder them from attaining their objectives. She believes that altering the mind is the first step in altering the body.

Ben Malton

Ben Malton is one of Manchester’s best personal trainers thanks to his meticulous planning and attitude. He also employs a lifestyle philosophy that encourages clients to make the right choices in their own time if they want to get the best results. 

Everyone has a unique body type along with strengths and weaknesses, and Ben recognizes this. Thus, his plans are tailored to the individual’s objectives and strengths. He will encourage his clients to take on new challenges in their daily lives.

Libby Smith

Libby Smith is a successful business owner in addition to being a personal trainer in Manchester. Because of her dedication to the gym, she is also successful in other areas of her life, such as applying the same principle and motivation. 

Anyone can learn this approach, and she is willing to share it with others. Libby continues to learn new skills by taking classes and working with experienced personal trainers because she knows that training is more than getting in shape.

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