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List of best personal trainers in Bristol to help you stay fit and healthy

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. Finding the right expert can be tricky, but luckily there are plenty of brilliant personal trainers in Bristol who can help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or just get fitter, there’s a perfect personal trainer waiting for you. Read on to discover more.

1. David Bates

With over ten years of experience in the fitness sector, a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science, and over four years of coaching clients in Bristol, David has helped a huge assortment of clients achieve their fitness objectives and health potential.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass, prepare for a specific event, or simply stay healthy, he can assist you. David believes that no single person is the same and therefore, every plan he designs should be specific to the client.

His packages include group training, a 28-day personalized nutritional plan, bodyweight training, and a pre-wedding exercise plan. David is also available for online training.

Prices start from: £25 per week


2. Anna Chabura

Anna Chabura has been working in the fitness, nutrition, and coaching field for 10 years. Her goal is to help as many women as possible achieve their fitness and lifestyle objectives, no matter where they are or when they want to achieve them.

Your body, mind, and soul will be transformed from the inside out by Anna’s renowned HMH Lifestyle Program, which covers everything from physical fitness to nutritional wellbeing to mentality.

By the time the HMH Lifestyle Program is over (4 to 12 weeks), you’ll feel and look like the best version of yourself ever—happy, healthy, self-assured, and proud!

Prices start from: £129 (4 weeks HMH Lifestyle Program)


3. Emmir Morán

Emmir is a personal trainer in Bristol, who specializes in weight loss and fitness. He is also a speaker and former fitness model.

After overcoming eating problems and issues with body image, he is enthusiastic about encouraging people to develop healthier relationships with food and exercise.

Emmir will take you on an exclusive and effective fitness journey experience with Intensive Gains Personal Training sessions. He will show you how to train and perform the exercises correctly, push and inspire you to go beyond your boundaries,

Prices start from: £129 per 2 weeks


4. OPEX Bristol

OPEX Bristol – The Future of Personal Training, aims to coach individuals at any fitness level, for nearly any endeavor in their bespoke private gym. They specialize in helping people move better, move more, and perform to their highest potential.

Every exercise program has been carefully planned to maximize your long-term results. OPEX provides continuing support for your goals in and out of the gym with monthly consultations to maintain the emphasis on “big picture” achievement, as well as evaluations and nutritional advice to make sure you are physically developing.

When you join an OPEX facility in Bristol, you will have a private trainer who develops all of your workouts and diet plans. You will workout with a wonderful group of like-minded individuals every day, and a coach on the gym floor will make sure that you move safely and effectively.

Prices start from: £40 per session


5. ProTom Fitness

ProTom Fitness has been providing high-quality education-based personal training and fitness classes in and around Bristol since 2008. They specialize in core training, weight loss, sports-specific conditioning, injury-free fitness, rehabilitation training, and strengthening.

With their variety of equipment and exercise techniques, you will feel constantly challenged and motivated in new and interesting ways whilst staying true to your fitness goals.

ProTom offers a variety of group personal training, training in local parks at Bristol and face to face sessions online.

Prices start from: £25 per session


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