Best Personal Trainers in Sheffield to Help You Stay Fit

If you’ve been on a diet and exercise plan for some time but have plateaued, it is time to get help. A personal trainer can boost your fitness level in no time. With their specialized knowledge of the human body, they can ensure that every session is productive and helps you achieve your goals faster. To find the best personal trainer in Sheffield, here are five options you may want to consider.

1. Magnus Berntsson

Whether fit or unfit, young or old, Magnus can help you achieve your health and fitness goals through dedicated, no-nonsense training and dieting.

A level 3 certified personal trainer, Magnus specializes in weight loss, strength training, stress management, posture, and nutrition. He offers convenience to suit busy lifestyles with training at your home and/or close by outdoors.

Magnus provides personal training services in core areas of Sheffield.

Prices start from: £45.00 per session


2. Chris Mason

Chris has been helping men and women in Sheffield lose weight, drop body fat, build lean muscle and rediscover their body confidence without fad diets!

He provides expert fitness, nutrition, and body transformation programs at his premier facility, where men and women can finally see the results they have always wanted without feeling uncomfortable or just another number at a gym.

Based in Sharrowvale, Chris provides his personal training services in core areas of Sheffield.

Prices start from: £50.00/4 weeks


3. Suzy Newson

Suzy’s experience as a former professional dancer allows her to empathize with how difficult it is to accomplish goals. She has been teaching fitness and aerobics for over 20 years and is a fully certified level 3 personal trainer.

She specializes in fitness, fat loss, toning, and body sculpting for men and women and creates a bespoke training plan that will make sure you achieve your goals. Suzy has her own fully equipped home-based gym space which allows her clients to train in privacy or alternatively she can train you in your own home.

Her personal training services are based in Totley Rise and nearby areas.

Prices start from: £35.00 per session


4. Alfie Spencer

A level 3 personal trainer, Aflie Spencer is the founder of UP Strength In Fitness & Mind. Alfie isn’t just a personal trainer, he is an amazing mindset coach too. With his positive and motivational attitude, Alfie has helped many clients achieve their goals and push even further.

Alfie’s personal training services include flexibility & mobility, functional training, core conditioning, strength training, weight loss, stress management, and boxing. His 1-2-1 personal training services are based in Chesterfield but he also provides online training with pre-set videos to assist you with your programs, tailored to your specific needs.

Prices start from: £35.00 per session


5. Alex Robinson

Alex has been in the fitness industry for many years, competing at a national level in cross training, and has completed many road races and triathlons.

She provides custom fitness programs for any level of fitness, with regular assessments to ensure that you are on the right track. Whether you want to lose weight, tone, or participate in the next London marathon, she can create a program to suit your lifestyle.

Alex covers personal training services in Alfreton, Ripley, and Matlock.

Prices start from: £30.00 per session

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