A personal trainer may help you reach your wellness goals by lifting the bar, providing direction and support, and avoiding plateaus. Personal trainers are less expensive than club subscriptions since they provide instruction without requiring a membership.

Here are the 5 best personal trainers in Northampton:

1. Lee Johnstone

A level 3 certified personal trainer Lee Johnstone is the owner of LJ Fitness.

LJ Fitness conducts specialized mobile personal training. Sessions of physical therapy can be carried out at home, in your yard, in a nearby park, or online. He can provide you with a session plan customized to your specific requirements.

Lee’s personal training service includes core conditioning, strength training, weight loss, and toning.

Prices: Starts from £28.00 per session

Website: inspiringfitness.co.uk

2. Jon Bellis

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Jon has a long list of fitness qualifications, many years of experience, and a track record of getting results. He’s passionate about helping others to live a healthier, longer, and more fulfilling life. 

Having previously worked with athletes, Jon can help you in strength and conditioning, weight loss, bodybuilding contest preparation, and posture correction.

Prices: Starts from £45.00 per session

Website: lifeforce-fitness.co.uk

3. Anna O

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Anna has worked in the health and fitness industry for over five years, working with several clients in many settings. Her degree in dance and studies in personal training helped her gain self-confidence.

She offers personal training sessions at home or in the gym, which can help with back pain and back care training, dance fitness, cross training for sporting events, and exercise for body confidence.

Prices: Starts from £50.00 per session

Website: annaofitness.com

4. Jeni Kirby

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Jeni has 15 years of experience as a fitness specialist and has competed in a number of events. She is a motorbike enthusiast, a competitive athlete, and the owner of two enterprises. Her goal is to inspire and assist others in achieving their maximum potential.

In her custom-built home studio, she offers a range of services, including personal training, small-group training, strength and conditioning training, weight-loss programs, life coaching, therapeutic nutritional support, and deep tissue sports massage.

Prices: Starts from £35.00 per session

Website: jenikirby.com

5. Darren Brown

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Darren is a retired Police Sergeant and ex-Armed Forces and has a wide range of experience based on his background and of course being of more mature age (57).

Whether fitness is something relatively new to you or you already spend hours in the gym each week but never see any real changes in your physique, or you simply have a future special occasion where you want to look your best then you will greatly benefit from Darren personal training courses.

His personal training focuses on nutrition and weight management, strength training, core conditioning, and fat loss.

Prices: Starts from £37.50 per session

Website: kwikloss.co.uk

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