Personal trainers play a critical role in helping their clients achieve their health and fitness goals. A competent personal trainer will be able to customize an exercise regimen to each client’s unique demands. In the Reading area, many personal trainers have a great deal of experience and can assist you with completing your goals. Here is a look at some of the best personal trainers in Reading, so you can get started on your path to fitness.

1. David Osborne

David Osborne has more than 11 years of experience assisting busy parents in achieving their ideal weight, muscular mass, and physique. As a dad of 2, he understands the daily struggles of parents. Together with David, you can overcome them!

He has earned certifications in Level 3 Advanced Personal Training, Lower Back Pain Management, and GP Exercise Recommendation. He offers online coaching choices for anyone unable to attend the in-person instruction.

Prices start from £35.00 per session


2. Arland Craik

Arland is a mobile personal trainer working in the Thatcham and Newbury areas. His catchphrase is “You don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro,” and he takes pride in offering the best, most cutting-edge instruction.

He constantly takes the time to get to know his clients and their needs since he was conscious that no two persons are the same. You will get individualized training and dietary plans, permitting you to get the grandest outcomes.

He is upfront with his customers and acknowledges that achieving weight loss and physical fitness requires a commitment to the demanding effort.

Prices: Available upon request


3. Emma-Jane Taylor

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Behavioral change trainer for businesses and mentor for personal growth, Emma-Jane is the creator of The Works Co. She has a powerful desire to see her customers obtain personalized programs centered on their objectives.

She adds positivity to her work by using her unusual route to encourage and uplift others around her. With her group fitness sessions, circuit training, functional training, fitness 50+, weight reduction, flexibility, and weight management programs, she focuses on assisting her clients in realizing their full potential.

Price: £150.00 per session


4. Adrian Smith

Adrian suffered a stroke 12 years ago, which left him unable to talk, limited to a wheelchair, and physically handicapped on his left side. He healed and attained personal trainer certification via pure willpower. He holds a Diploma in Level 3 Exercise Referral and can teach fitness classes and provide one-on-one personal training.

Adrian Smith encourages and stimulates you to achieve your objectives by helping you develop leaner muscles, more strength, and endurance. He does in-person, online, and home visits in addition to sessions. You can visit him at his home in Crowthorne for a session if you are ready to travel.

Prices: Starting from £45.00 per session


5. Spencer Trott

Spencer’s exercise regimens are specifically for each client’s goals. He will go through how to reach those objectives through lifestyle, diet, and exercise during the appointment.

Spencer can provide you with tips on healthy eating and cutting-edge exercise methods to help find fend against debilitating diseases. He specializes in kettlebell, circuit training, functional training, bodybuilding, strength exercise, and weight loss.

Prices: Starting from £40.00 per session


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