Having the right fitness coach is one of the most important aspects of getting in shape. Typically, you need someone who understands your body and can help you find your unique exercise routine and set of targets. If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Hull that will help you get into shape, rest assured that we’ve listed the top 5 trainers in Hull below:

1. Matty Davies


Matty Davies is a 30-year-old personal trainer who helps individuals achieve their fitness targets through one-on-one personal training and group sessions. He uses proven training techniques, including high-intensity breaks, and available, and weight training, to help his clients achieve their goals.

He is a pro ice hockey player as well as a professional personal trainer, helping people for 10 years as a personal trainer. Matty has also been a professional fitness coach for many years and has helped people reach their health goals. He can use his expertise as an athlete to help you reach your goals.

2. Simon Farrar


Simon provides one-on-one personal training in his privately owned gym, which is learned on secluded grounds in Leven near Beverley. With an exclusive gym, you’ll receive an individualized service that targets your objectives without having to satisfy the embarrassment of training in public spaces with bunches of onlookers. At Simon’s gym, you’ll receive tailored training that is tailored to your goals.

Simon has an exercise Professional with a Ph.D., CPhys, BSc, Advanced Instructor, and Level 3 (Register of Exercise Professionals), FTA (Premier Training International), and Personal Trainer (with a Ph.D., CPhys, BSc, and Advanced Instructor, respectively) is an example of a qualified individual. 15+ years of experience helping people of all ages and levels of ability reach and accomplish their goals. Specialist in functional movement and nutrition, you can also count on him for that.

3. Mike Beadle


Mike’s 15-year fitness career has taught him the best trainers and he has attended many seminars, courses, and examinations. Now, as a fitness specialist, he wants to assist people in reaching their potential with the right knowledge, motivation, and workout techniques.

Mike Beadle Fitness, which he established to share knowledge, enthusiasm, and training methods, is dedicated to helping people get into shape. 

4. Jenessa Phillips


Personal Training is changing as more coaches move into holistic coaching, which is an exciting, inspiring journey of self-discovery and discovery. To be a part of this movement is truly honoring Jenessa.

She is a level 4 certified personal trainer with specialist training in preventing obesity and diabetes, as well as an exercise referral specialist and a body confidence and wellbeing coach.

She has provided lifetime expertise in competitive bodybuilding and has two children at home. Jenessa works with individuals who want to break the cycles of self-negating behavior, obsessive behaviors, and individuals who are fed up with self-blaming and conscience.

Jenessa’s area is specialized in creating bespoke plans, helping people achieve their body confidence goals, reducing body fat and developing muscle tone and development, nutritional guidance, strength and conditioning, weight reduction, and, in particular, the forenamed.

5. Carly Killen


Carly is a personal trainer based in Hull, where she has worked as a dietitian for more than ten years. After varying through her conversion, she understood that what she had discovered may help many people.

She has used various techniques to communicate with her clients and patients, including offering healthy eating guidance and assisting people who have suffered from sober illnesses to regain their health.

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