You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for the top personal trainers in Portsmouth. Personal trainers in Portsmouth might be a great asset if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise. They can motivate you to succeed in your workouts and help you reach your fitness goals quicker than other methods.

If you don’t know where to look or who to ask for help from, this article will be a big help to you.

Here is our list of the top 5 best personal trainers in Portsmouth:

1. Pete Locans

Pete started as a fitness trainer in his neighborhood gym ten years ago. Having a keen interest in rehabilitation, he started additional training to become an exercise referral teacher for general practitioners.

His passion is to provide clients with a wealth of experience while helping them recover from illness and injuries. Because he thought he wanted to interact with patients early in their recovery, he began volunteering with NHS physiotherapists.

Later, after receiving his certification from ARNI as a specialist teacher, he started working with the NHS on a pilot project to enhance stroke pathways. He shifted to general rehab in 2018, helping patients recover from illnesses, injuries, deconditioning and falls.


2. Sian Richards

Sian Richards founded Enrich Fitness, a mobile personal training business serving Monmouth and Surrey. She enjoys assisting her customers in achieving their fitness objectives. 

Her credentials include a Level 3 Certificate from Active IQ in Personal Training, Exercise to Music, Zumba Basics, and Zumba Fitness Instructor! She enjoys participating in the sessions with her customers and always ensures they are entertaining and enjoyable. 

She specializes in circuit training, core conditioning, boxing and pad work, flexibility and mobility, speed, agility, and quickness to weight training and conditioning. Sian exercises beyond the gym, at home, at work, or anywhere that is most practical.


3. Janet Shepherd

Janet is a Master Trainer with the European Institute of Fitness as well as a Nordic Walking UK Certified Instructor, and a REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer.

She offers to counsel on diet and exercise for seniors and also provides personalized plans that take into consideration your objectives and restrictions. Stretching, weightlifting, cardiovascular activity, and the growth of motor skills are a few of her specializations. 


4. David Todd

Todd has a storied athletic background and includes international slalom skiing championships and competitive swimming. Long-distance running, cycling, and mountain biking make up the bulk of his current training, which has increased by a range of conditioning and cardio-based sessions. 

Although he has extensive expertise in injury recovery, weight control, nutrition, and core stability, his training has focused on specific areas. Due to injuries he has sustained along the road, he has developed a keen interest in posture awareness and correction as nicely as injury rehabilitation.


5. Mike Simms

Simms has a wealth of experience and has helped his clients accomplish their unique goals. He will adopt a thorough strategy to carry lifestyle, diet, and exercise into mind. 

He holds a BA (Hons) in Sports Studies, a Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Training & Sports Therapy, Advanced Swiss Ball Training for Rehabilitation, Program Design, and Scientific Back Training.

Depending on the needs of each person, he may work with them on activities such as jogging, weight/resistance training, pilates, circuits, swiss ball, flexibility, and rehabilitation.


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