In the digital age, it’s easy to find a personal trainer. If you Google “personal trainers in Aberdeen,” you will be flooded with results from local businesses advertising their services. Choosing the best trainer for you and your demands is more complicated.

It is not as simple as picking a personal trainer based on availability or cost. You should take into account your personal preferences and what you want to achieve from your sessions. The following top 5 personal trainers in Aberdeen have been chosen based on their unique services and custom training programs for every client. Let’s explore further.

1. Darren Mackenzie

At the moment, Darren is the only golf fitness specialist in Aberdeen. He works with golfers of all levels. Through the TPI physical screen, he can identify your physical limitations and suggest the best way to improve them.

He has studied various courses, including REPS Level 1 nutrition coaching, Titleist Performance Institute Level 1, and Fitness F2.


2. Chris Roy

Having earned multiple recognitions as a personal trainer in Aberdeen, Chris Roy provides world-class personal health and fitness training. He helps you design exercise and nutrition regimens that fit your lifestyle, taking into account your specific needs.

At Toro Blanco, he provides holistic personal training services that help you live a healthier, happier life.


3. Lee Donald

Since 2011, Lee has assisted women in Aberdeen to lose weight, get in shape, eat healthier, feel less stressed, improve their self-confidence, and feel better about themselves without having to join a gym or diet.

A 15-year eating disorder, being overweight, being underweight, having depression, an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and smoking, and a poor relationship with cigarettes and alcohol have been overwhelmed. She knows what it takes not solely to make a better body but also to live a healthier, happier life.


4. Andrada Mureşan

Andrada is a local, professional personal trainer located in the Aberdeen area, specializing in weight loss and flexible nutrition advice. She has helped many clients achieve their fitness goals over the last three years, thanks to her expertise as a Level 3 personal trainer in the fitness industry.

Her one-on-one personal training offerings include body toning, spinning classes, boxing, circuit training, cardiovascular training, and strength training.


5. Barry Stephen

Barry has been working in the fitness industry now for close to 12 years and in this time, he has learned from a variety of different people. He continually reinvests his personal development in order to offer the best service possible to his customers.

In addition, he has delivered kettle-bell, gym instructor, and personal training courses for Fitness Training Scotland and has taught and assessed the Level 1 Weightlifting Course for British Weightlifting.


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