Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, finding a personal trainer in your neighborhood can be tricky. Having a training partner who is aware of your physical limits and willing to suggest workouts that specifically target those areas is essential.

Finding the right personal trainer can make all the difference in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and an aesthetically toned physique. 

With that in mind, scroll through to read about the top 5 personal trainers in Exeter listed below:

Tom Burridge

Tom founded Train For Change Personal Training and is a fully licensed personal trainer in Exeter. Everyone wants to get healthier, reduce weight, and get stronger for many reasons. Because of this, he never treats two clients the same!

He was aware of the significance exercise may have on your health and welfare because of his experience working as an exercise referral teacher. 

Tom customizes training regimens to each requirement. He gives his customers a workout regimen they look forward to and a diet that allows them to still eat their favorite foods as a means of helping them lose weight, tone up, and have the shape they desire.

Website: https://www.starofservice.co.uk/dir/south-west/exeter/exeter/personal-training

Mark Hayward

Personal trainer Mark Hayward puts a lot of effort into helping his Exeter clients lose weight, get fitter, and improve their general health.

He uses a comprehensive approach that combines individualized coaching, pilates, posture correction, dietary modifications, breathing exercises, and mindfulness.

With Mark’s personal training, your posture, health, and mobility may all be enhanced by immediately inhaling deeply to relieve tension and exhaling forcefully to regain control.

Website: markhaywardpt.com

Alex Reader

Alex understands that everyone is unique and may benefit from a personalized training program to achieve their objectives. In Exeter and online, he assists working professionals in reshaping their bodies to fit their present lifestyles.

Along with putting them into the shape they desire, he aids them in making significant advancements in their health, fitness, and confidence.

He develops personalized training programs using evidence-based techniques. Since Alex is focused on your lifestyle and goals, these benefits are long-lasting and transformative.

Website: alexreaderfitness.com

Elena Duffin

Elena Duffin offers specialized online personal training catered to your unique needs. She enjoys learning new things to use in her career and helping her clients.

Science has a powerful influence on fitness and health. It frequently influences the suggestions that fitness experts give to their customers. She keeps up her training to provide her online personal training clients with the best service possible.

She is certified in the following fields: Level 3 Personal Training, Advanced Anatomy & Physiology, TRX Suspension Training, COVID-19 Rehabilitation, Introduction to COSHH, Safeguarding Adults At Risk, Customer Service, GP Referral, Behavioural Change Coaching, Nutrition For Sport & Exercise Nutrition & Weight Management.

Website: femalepersonaltrainerexeter.co.uk

Alex Montgomery

Alex Montgomery has five years of fitness industry experience. Because of his certification in exercise recommendation, he may deal with harder-to-reach populations, such as those who could be suffering from specific medical issues.

Along with his trainer credentials, he graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University with a BSc (Hons) in Sport & Exercise Science. He finished his dissertation on the impact of bilateral and unilateral workouts on traumatic lower limb injuries.

Website: https://www.personaltrainingexeter.com/about

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