A personal trainer is a solution if you want to improve your fitness and become in shape. With that, a personal trainer can assist you. A trainer could be helpful if you want to get fitter or anytime you need assistance getting started. 

Many types believe that all it takes to get in fantastic shape is to sign up for a sports team or club. For other folks, though, this might not be sufficient. If this describes you, you might want to consider working with a personal trainer.

Here are the top five personal trainers in Plymouth.

Paul Shannon

Paul studied Applied Sports Science at The College of St. Mark and St. John (Marjon) after developing a strong interest in physical fitness. After earning his degree, he continued studying all modules with the YMCA up to a Reps Level 3 grade. 

Paul offers personal training, group exercise, and dietary advice. He can learn more through other modules on different topics (like nutrition), which will help the customer reach their objectives. He now possesses some of the highest credentials in the industry as a consequence of his education.

Paul Shannon (paulshannonpt.com)


Justin is the Head Coach and Founder of Alpha Strong. He is a Level 3 personal trainer, a qualified CrossFit instructor, and a Military Physical Training Instructor (AAPTI).

He has more than 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, and his expertise ranges from serious bodybuilding to military strength and conditioning for infantry personnel, as well as helping people feel and move better in the gym. 

He is committed to his career, keeps up with the most effective training methods, and finds tremendous joy in helping others achieve.

Alpha Strong (alpha-strong.co.uk)


Michelle is a certified personal trainer, performance coach, and nutritionist who also works as a personal trainer. She is particularly interested in sports and performance nutrition programming for strength and endurance, as well as fat loss and weight management. 

Michelle recently completed a nutritionist certification program at the highly regarded Mac-Nutrition University. It helped her further her knowledge and equipped her to offer specific, suitable dietary programming that closely matched her performance, health, and fitness objectives.

Alpha Strong (alpha-strong.co.uk)

Scott Bentley

Scott Bentley can teach you the basics of lifting techniques in just 10 sessions, and you will feel competent enough to work out on your own. If you want to enter the fascinating world of weightlifting with its better features, you must comprehend the more delicate parts of the sport. 

Level 3 personal trainer, Level 2 gym instructor, and Coach of Powerlifters Michael Zourdos hold these certifications. He will offer a tailored service depending on your strength or physical goals, giving you a more long-term and affordable coaching choice.

Scott Bentley | PureGym

Cat Jewitt

If you’ve ever felt unworthy or like you’ve lost track of who you are, it’s likely because you’ve lost your identity. You can be experiencing anxiety and exhaustion, having difficulties falling asleep, forgetting things, having trouble concentrating, and feeling tense.

 Let CAT JEWITT assist you. Her specialties include peri-post menopause, female fat reduction, strength and conditioning, and female physiology in specific groups. She has worked with a diverse group, transforming various aspects of their lives, such as peri-post menopause, injury prevention, and body composition. She is passionate about enabling women to be the best versions of themselves.

Cat Jewitt | PureGym

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